Do You Want Beautiful Microgreens Labels & Branding Without Hours Of Effort Or Paying A Graphic Designer Tons of Money?
In 2015, I spent about $500 to get stick-on labels, paper wrap-around labels, an invoice, and a fresh sheet designed for my Urban Farm...

...then another $500 in 2019 to get even more label templates.

And it was well worth it

When chefs or market customers see my products for the first time, they are always impressed and assume (correctly) they are getting a top quality product.  

If you are growing the best microgreens around, MAKE SURE you have the best packaging around, so you can display them with pride!

But you don't need to spend the $1000 like I did...

You can just buy ALL of these templates off me for just $197 today (reg $297), pop your logo and farm info on there, and be good to go with amazing branding from day one!

So for just $197 today (over 30% off the regular price!) you get all this:

  •  Stick-On Label template for 36 different microgreen varieties (MS Word Doc)
  •  "Fancy" Wrap Around Paper Label template for 36 varieties (MS Word Doc)
  •  Commercial Invoice
  •  Commercial Fresh Sheet
  •  Walk-Through Video (How To Edit/Print/Use)
  •  BONUS: Labeling/Packaging Supplies List & Logo Design Recommendations
"One sales call yielded three repeat customers! And most of it was due to the packaging"  
"Had it not been for the labeling package...the selling process would of not been as easy"  
A Few Customer Examples: 

New labels and branding for Living Foods Micro Farm - Owner Ian Zimprich

New Labels and Branding for Seed Leaf in Australia - printed on recycled paper stock! 

New labels and branding for City Micro Farms in Springfield, MO (


Take The Smart Business Owners Approach...

Save Time, Money, Frustration... Do It QUICKLY And PROPERLY The First Time!!

And As Always - You're Purchase Includes A full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (So If You Don't Love Them, You Don't Pay!!)
**Please Note: Prices Subject To Increase At Anytime - Buy Today To Guarantee Low Price
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